The Ugly Duckling

Sundaymarket SG, a locally-owned cafe, appointed me to design a logo for its upcoming subsidiary, The Ugly Duckling. The Ugly Duckling will be a food truck business, serving menu items that focusses on duck meat.

In their design brief, The Ugly Duckling wanted a logo which incorporates a duck motif, accompanied by the colours yellow, black and red. They also suggested the idea of a chalkboard-themed logo.

A total of 6 initial drafts were sketched, upon which the owners selected 3 to be vectorised.

The final logo was not part of the initial drafts, and was created spontaneously on Adobe Illustrator CC. The letters within the duck were handlettered using a Wacom tablet and given a grungy overlay to emulate the look of chalk on a chalkboard.

Initial Drafts


Digitized Concepts

The Ugly Duckling_OPT1-01                 The Ugly Duckling_OPT2               b002cb53-0b4d-4b6e-80fe-1e9069f58bab

Final Logo

The Ugly Duckling_RGB_(FOR SCREEN)-01

Usage of Logo

13265864_586870841492299_6580739814541148927_n    13244855_584960758349974_5140534214480785361_n

Screenshot_20160724-140054 Screenshot_20160724-140035


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