I am Jack. Jack of all trades. 


I am Azryl, and I come from a FINE city called Singapore (not kidding, we literally can be fined for anything, even for chewing gum). It is also home to The World’s Best Airport, Singapore Changi.

A Marketing & Communications Executive by profession, I am also a hopeful designer, designing graphics on a freelance basis.

Should I lose my current job, there are many things I can possibly do to ensure my survival living in the most expensive city; I can froth milk to a silky smooth consistency, drawing hearts and tulips in espresso with it, crack lame punny jokes while taking food orders, and bake guilt-inducing cookies. Otherwise, I am more than willing to accept any remote job offers, be it in marketing, designing or customer support (I actually DO enjoy wearing multiple hats).

In all seriousness, I am a passionately curious person who enjoys learning anything new; that explains how I am able to use Adobe programs fluently, without any formal education.

By nature, I am a sentimental person; I enjoy music from the 80s, writing poems in my free time and looking for the Orion’s belt in the night sky. Which also means, I put in a lot of “heart work” in whatever I embark on.