Rise from the ashes

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How did it take so long for me to recognise the toxicity I have been ingesting, when everyone else spotted it at light speed?

Was it due to the exhilarating moments that outweighed the bad ones?

Hope had always been sitting close by, nodding her head reassuringly, as though she was indicating, “This one is going to be good.”

Then came the unfateful day, I took in the last pill, which turned out to be my worst trip. I was brought far and beyond; further than my heart could bear, past my threshold. Hope remained where she was, until I lost sight of her. Completely.

I am alone, in a dark abyss with barely any clue on what to do.

Then came a glow in the distance, and what seems like Hope’s silhouette sitting close by. A flutter was heard, close to my left breast pocket.

Then a voice whispered, “Move forward, move on, move towards the light.”

• • •

Once upon a time, you were my drug. I was addicted to our version of love, but failed to realise that I lost myself in an attempt to reignite what had already dissolved a long time ago. My sight was fogged with your presence. Little did I know that it did little to bring out the best in me, like it used to.

I guess the distance we needed was more than in terms of proximity.

Our amicable end, seems to have soured further, as years went by. If this is the only way to save us from breeding hatred for each other, then I guess detachment is the best solution for both of us.

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me, and for the wonderful memories you have left me with.

People exist in our life for various reasons; I believe I have fulfilled my purpose with you, and it is time I make way for someone else to walk you through your current phase in life.

May you find happiness to a new beginning, this time, without me in the story.

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