I speak feelings, not thoughts.

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More often than not I am one to suppress my feelings deep within. I rarely burst when I am angry, or cry when I am upset. Regardless of how I feel, I try my best to put a smile on my face.

Despite that I still possess something that every other human being has too; that is, a threshold. 

I am the kind of person who would often do my best to empathise and understand, whenever someone slips up. So much so that at times, others feel as though I am making up excuses for another when in actual fact, I try my best to put my feet in their shoes.

However when I run out of tolerance, I end up blurting the things without much thought, and that is only because much of it comes passionately from the depths of my heart, not my mind.

So if I were to ever send a lengthy text to anyone, it only means I care passionately enough to be writing all of it. Be it a text to call someone out on something that is unacceptable, or an advice. It just means I care. I care for you, for me, and whatever form of relationship that exists between us.

If I don’t, trust that I would not even bother to type a ‘K’.

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