Don’t rain on our Poképarade

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“Look at all these people walking around like zombies with their eyes glued to their phone screens, trying to catch imaginary creatures. I hope they fall into that pond.”

“I don’t get the point of this game. All you do is just throw around balls and be totally oblivious to your surroundings.”

“I am never going to play this game.”

For all you Pokémon GO players out there, I am pretty sure you have encountered these snide remarks when passing by someone or even while browsing through your Facebook news feed. I understand it can be rather frustrating, when you are just trying to have a little fun.

All I can say is, go on with your little adventure but always be aware of your surroundings. I play the game myself; however, I try not be overly obsessive and would only turn on the app while I am waiting for someone, or while riding the train to work. Basically, I play whenever I am in a safe area that does not impose any form of danger or obstruction to myself or the people around me.

Also, turn off your AR when you are in a crowded place, for goodness sake. Not only does it save your battery, it also prevents you from looking like a fool trying to catch your critter at some random angle. Plus, it is easier to catch Pokémon that way.

On the other hand, for those who do not understand the logic behind the game, all you need to do is to just respect the interests of another, regardless of what it is.

You do not like the game? Don’t play it and keep mum about it.

Everyone has their own hobbies and interests; it just so happens that a vast majority of the world’s population appreciate the existence of Pokémon since our childhood years, and we are just reliving the fun of it all. If you do not belong to this group of people, no one is going to hate you – unless you start igniting a flame by hurling hateful comments and acting on your horrid impulses. Instead of venting your anger and feelings of disdain on Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media platform, why not channel that energy into doing something that makes you happy? Write poems, sing a song, dance to your favorite music, play your kind of game. If these are the things that interest you, do it.

A Pokémon GO player is blocking your way? Excuse yourself nicely and move along

Most of us would probably move aside. Yes, maybe there would be some players who would not be apologetic and be totally oblivious, but don’t use your bad encounter to generalize and categorize the entire makeup of Pokémon GO players. We do not need a longer list of labels to create any more divisive communities. I think this world has had enough of stereotyping and shootings, thank you.

I must say, the positive impact of this game has been incredible. It has reunited a dog with its foster owner, broke barriers and improve strained relationships, and even helped with the mental health of many.

Without a doubt, the game is disruptive for non-players as it may have caused cases of trespassing or obtrusion, but it also serves as a welcome distraction for those who are looking for an outlet to relieve all sorts of things that go through their mind. Let us have our fun, and we will let you have yours. Just don’t rain on our parade.

Oh and to those who think that I ditched the “man card” for playing this game, here is what I’ll say to you: Manners maketh man.

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