Before You Share That Post, STOP!

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We live in an age where information can be consumed in bite-sized portions found on Facebook, and a host of other social media platforms.

When we resonate with a particular story, article, picture or video, all it takes is just a touch of the “Share” button; it then immediately becomes displayed on our timeline, and other people’s newsfeed.

But hold on a minute. Do we actually realize what we are sharing, and how it could possibly affect ourselves, together with the people around us?

Facebook has an algorithm which takes note of the things you share, and feeds you with even more of the related topics, with the assumption that you are interested in it.

So you see something that makes you angry. To express your anger, you decided to share with the world about how angry you are about it. Very soon, you will realise that your newsfeed is plagued with more of those things that made you angry. It is a simple concept, you attract more of whatever you exude; just like the Universe, Facebook’s algorithms work the same way.

Now watch this video that has already garnered 5,400 views (and counting) on Facebook. The man in this video, Mike Chesworth, a filmmaker, explains in greater detail, “The Most Important Rule of Facebook”.

So what can you do the next time you see a post that makes you angry? Well, if they are just posts about a certain topic you dislike, you can choose to see less of it. However, if you find that the poster perpetually uploads topics that irks you, then unfollow them. See the picture below on how to do it; you’ll be on your way to a perfect looking newsfeed, just the way you like it.



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