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From The Cradle

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A quick summary of my origin, using a poem.

Presented to foster family,
at month three;
apparently one,
wasn’t enough for me.

Parents out to earn,
to fund my education;
first 6 years in primary school,
my bully named me “Baby Alien”

Late nights, wee mornings,
busy studying,
religiously praying,
fosters prevented me from straying.

Got As and Bs for ‘O’ Levels.
Sixteen and a rebel,
deprived of a social world.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering?
Dropped out at eighteen,
Coffee making –
far more interesting.

The nation beckons,
at nineteen;
I’m suited up in green.
For a marksmanship badge,
“Hell yeah, I’m keen!”
Though it was never seen.

Twenty one,
work was fun;
of coffee grounds, stock runs,
dressed in leather jackets,
under the sun.

Now twenty four,
I look for open doors.
Though closed ones,
I’ve knocked so much more.

What is rejection?
It’s just an illusion,
for failure to gain traction.
Watch, as I let it burn;
my mind has had immunisation.


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