We need better content with Facebook Live Videos

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This post was also published in Buzzfeed Community.

All of us are aware of the hype that surrounds the new “Go Live” function in Facebook. It is almost everywhere, and more people are beginning to record live videos, sending countless notifications on your phone when they do.It can be amusing, watching videos of people eating or a shaky shot of them taking a stroll in an undisclosed location; but after a while you wish people recorded content worth watching. Then again, that would always happen with something new; most people would rush to “test” it out without putting much thought about what they wish to share. Which is good, because eventually you HAVE to start somewhere rather than not at all.

My wish came true a couple of days back, when someone decided to post a series of LIVE “camera tests”. That person is none other than Mike Chesworth, the very same filmmaker who threw a quinceañera for his 15 year old poodle, Angel. The video went viral on Cosmopolitan as well as Huffington Post.

So my dearest BuzzFeed community, you would NOT want to miss the videos that this man produces; some of them are thought-provoking, others are stories close to heart but all in all, they are short, engaging and exudes a lot of positive energy. So if you need a quick motivational boost or a jolt of inspiration, you can watch some of his videos below, or follow him on his Facebook.

Oh and while you are at it, react to the videos with a LOVE. ❤

Great things often have humble beginnings.


When in doubt, DO IT ANYWAY. Then watch as the FUN and MAGIC unfold.


Want to have your own reality show and be a VIP on Facebook among your friends? Mike can teach you how.


Find yourself making tough decisions? Mike shares about making better choices.


When the going gets tough, sometimes you have to STOP; you might just get to work with Madonna.

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