Checked in!

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Finally, the day has arrived. It is 6.50am, I have checked in my luggage and am now sitting in a smoking room near gate C16, with a tall Ristretto Bianco from Starbucks. It really seems surreal that I am travelling all alone, to Arizona. This is my very first solo trip – so you can probably understand how nervous and excited I am right now.


In all honesty, I am famished but I really do not want any tummy problems in-flight. I have come to realise how much I love Singapore’s airport – after all, it is one of the best airports in the world. So much thought is placed in every nook and cranny, right down to this very room I am sitting in. This is probably the cleanest one I have been in.

I have roughly 20 minutes to spare before I board my Japan Airlines flight. So here is a limited edition selfie of me wearing glasses (I rarely wear glasses but since I am travelling alone, I need to LOOK OUT for myself).


I am going to try my best and write in this blog of mine with my travel updates as frequently as possible.

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