You Thought “Hello” By Adele Was Great? Well You Haven’t Listened To This One Yet Then

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Hello has stayed on Billboard’s Hot 100, 3 weeks in a row now. In perfect timing, Adele released another—potentially—chart-topping single titled, When We Were Young, 3 days before the release of her new album, 25. This obviously generated a slew of news articles that aided in promoting the new album. Smart move.

As with every Adele song,  it is powerful, and definitely overflowing with emotions. Watch her live recording at The Church Studios above and you will get what I mean. She sings you through a story of an ageing couple, reminiscing the times when they were young.

I love the following verse:

You look like a movie,
you sound like a song
My God this reminds me,
of when we were young.

As she sang that part, you could sense a tinge of vulnerability in the way she expresses it.

Chills also ran down this spine of mine as she belted out and sustained the Eb5 note at 4:32. My god, this reminds me of what an amazing singer you are, Adele.

25 was released worldwide last Friday, 20th November 2015. The album is yet to be released on Spotify. However, it is available for purchase on iTunes—you win, Apple users.

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